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New Research & Development facility at Dolphin Manufacturing to develop high performing and premium quality products.
“One Stop Solution for all your cooling needs”

With the ever increasing heat transfer requirements of the industry, it is essential that manufacturers change their way of thinking. The technology and methodologies being used until now have reached their saturation point and there is a strong demand for change. It is this drive for innovation and the need to provide customers with the most efficient product that Dolphin has set up its own Research and Development facility.The facility is equipped and designed to establish the fundamental thermodynamic characteristics of any heat exchanger and to assess product performance under a wide range of operating conditions. Dolphin’s State of the art Wind Tunnel can be utilized as a tool to validate the thermal design including pressure drop, heat dissipation, heat absorption and thermal characteristics of any material. It is also used to identify quality related problems from manufacturing operations and the critical points in any heat exchanger.The new facility is being used for product validation and performance verification of their engineering designs and products as well as prototypes. This new facility includes a state of the art Wind Tunnel, 3 Dimensional Vibration Test Rig with 8 individual probes for SWAAT and Thermal Shock tests. All test equipment’s are procured from world renowned suppliers.

The wind tunnel is able to conduct thermal performance characteristic tests for automotive, mining, marine, construction, locomotive, HVAC and industrial cooling system products. The Wind tunnel provides accurate readings measured by a digital device and controlled by their Lab view software. The special advantage of this climatic control wind tunnel rig is that it can maintain heat balance within 5%.

“This important investment enables us to evaluate the thermal and fluid-dynamic features of heat exchangers and cooling systems”

Nooruddin N.J., Chairman.

The new wind tunnel was designed to Dolphin’s individual specifications and manufactured by M/S Thermo dyne Engineering Ltd, Canada and uses a powerful 7HP blower fan. It consists of air heater, steam generator and chiller to vary air temperature from 68 ° F and humidity from 50 %. Its air velocity is controlled by ASME elliptical nozzle from 0.1 m/sec.

These Tests can be carried out for following the products

  • Radiator
  • Oil cooler
  • Condenser
  • Charge Air Cooler
  • Chilled water coil



Technical parameters of the equipment:

Test size of the product 

: 915H x 600 W 

Coolant flow rate ranges

:  50 to 350 lpm

Air velocity ranges 

: 3 to 18 m/sec

Coolant temperature ranges

: 17°C to 120 °C

Coolant types 

: Water , ethylene glycol  , Refrigerant, and oil

Ambient  ranges

: 68° F to 122 ° F

Working medium pressure 

:  50  to 250 Kpa

Precision range

: ± 0.1 °C  temperature , ± 0.1 m/sec air velocity,

 ± 1 lpm coolant flow rate, ±1 mm of H2O pressure drop

Dolphin’s High Frequency Vibration Test Rig is used for conducting strain, fatigue and stress analysis test of heat exchangers to evaluate its structural performance, possible potential failure mode and structural rigidity of heat exchangers which are used in automotive, mining, construction, locomotive and industrial applications. Vibration and shaker tests are used to qualify products during the design process to meet standards, regulatory qualifications. Fatigue testing is used for screening products and evaluating the performance.


Technical parameters of the vibration tester:

Maximum acceleration 

: 100 g ( 980 m/s²)

Frequency range

: 5 to 2500 Hz

Maximum displacement

: 51 mm (p-p)

Maximum velocity

: 2.0 m/s

Rated pay load

: 500 kg

The size of the table

: 1200 x 1200 mm

Rated force(Sine wave)

: 39.2kN

Founded in 1986, Dolphin Group is headquartered in Ajman, UAE. Dolphin has more than 3 decades of experience in the design, manufacture and development of Heat Exchangers.

These include:
Dolphin’s heat exchangers range from small HVAC systems to the larger, more complex applications such as Gas Turbine Air Intake Cooling Systems for Offshore and specialized industrial applications.

Dolphin’s heat exchangers are installed on sites and are used in applications around the globe which include Air Handling Units, Ventilation Systems, Heat Pumps, Marine and Offshore Applications, Dry Air Liquid Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers, Frost Heating Coils for filters protection, Oil Cooling, Cooling or Anti-Frost Coils for Gas Turbine Air Intake Systems and Engines, Textile Plants, Refrigeration, Paper Industry, Dryers(Cellulose, Pellet, Food etc.), Industrial Processes, Bare Tube Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchangers for Clean Rooms Applications, Continuous Fin Type Heat Exchangers.

B . Oilfield Equipment and Services:
Dolphin’s professionally managed and highly experienced teams of technicians aided by quality equipment are proficient at providing a holistic range of engineering solutions. Our services include complete Heat Exchanger repair and refurbishment, High pressure Hydro jetting, Chemical Cleaning, Facility Maintenance and Pipeline Maintenance.

C . Automotive cooling products:
Dolphin designs and manufactures all types of Radiators, oil coolers and Intercoolers/CAC for Passenger Cars, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Heavy Industrial equipment, Generators, Earth Moving Equipment, locomotive and Marine. We also design and manufacture Custom Cores and Radiators as per requirement. We export to more than 60 countries worldwide and our products comply with OEM specifications and standards.

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Dolphin Group specializes in design and manufacturing of the best, high performance Industrial and Automotive thermal products since its establishment in 1986. With Corporate Office in Ajman,United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Group has established several branches in Sharjah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Today the Dolphin Group has become leaders in Heat Transfer Industry in the Middle East.


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